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Family at a Beach

Family Support Community

Hawaii Hears  is committed to bringing resources and support to families with children who are deaf and hard of hearing. 

We developed a virtual community geared toward families with children who are newly diagnosed with a hearing loss.  This will help parents go from having an overload of conflicting information and feeling confused or defeated to getting clear and making necessary decisions FAST for the sake of their child's language and education. 

The community offers a range of evidence based resources, regular educational opportunities from professionals in the field, and a safe space to connect with other parents so that they can get the support from other's in similar situations. 


"My son was born with profound hearing loss. He benefited greatly from technology and specialized training particularly in the early years. He is graduating this year from high school and is headed to college. When I heard about Hawaii Hears and Christy’s mission to provide much needed service to Hawaii’s deaf and hard of hearing children, I reached out to offer my support. When we needed help during those overwhelming times, we did a lot of research and worked with an expert from the Mainland who partnered with an amazing speech and language therapist here who has since left Maui. Christy is a valuable guide who can help parents gain confidence in our own abilities to help our children succeed in communicating effectively. And she’s here in Hawaii!"

Eileen Caldwell / parent

"Hawaii Hears works to increase access for children, students, families and communities through connections, resources and supports.  Building relationships, sharing resources and reaching the community is instrumental and this is something that Hawaii Hears strives to meet.  Hawaii Hears has provided valuable information and education to professionals within the Maui community as well as families.  Networking, partnership and collaboration are essential to building capacity, and the place to begin is with common knowledge and focus which is what Hawaii Hears continues to provide through their vision and mission and in supporting agencies in need of its expertise."

Local Program Director

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