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What is LSL/AVT?

Listening and Spoken Language or LSL is a modality of teaching children who are deaf or hard of hearing how to listen and talk when using listening devices like cochlear implants and hearing aids. 

Auditory Verbal Therapy or AVT is similar to LSL. It is a modality teaching the importance of auditory development for children who use cochlear implants and hearing aids so that they can learn to listen and talk. 

To learn more, get the infographic that helps break it down. You can share this with family members and professionals in your child's life as a talking point to help them learn about this concept. 

Position Statement

Hawaii Hears believes in parent choice and the importance of families being able to choose the language approach that is best for their child and family.  Options like sign language or a combination of spoke and sign language are useful for some families.  

Hawaii Hears stresses that children who are deaf or hard of hearing have QUALITY access to language and are able to learn in language rich environments. 

We support all choices and are available for conversations on interconnectedness within the d/Deaf community so that all children who are deaf may have access to their culture, community, and peer groups based on their identity and choice. 

Hawaii Hears does not discriminate based on race, gender, sex, ethnicity, culture background, identity, sexual orientation, or language approach. We promote an inclusive space for all families to learn together from one another.

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